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Chloe InkpenHighly interactive storytelling events for 3-7 year olds followed by a book sale and signing.

My events bring to life our picture book stories through a combination of drama, live drawing and art activities. The events are lively and entertaining, sustaining the attention of even the very littlest readers across a 1hr session. The children are invited to join in every couple minutes with actions and sounds and to answer questions about the stories as they unfold on screen.
They are able to see me drawing and help colour in my characters as well as taking part in their own art activity - designing their own picture book character, making a pair of Pirate HatPants or colouring in a 5 meter long Scribbly Sausage Dog, for example.

Afterwards there will be an opportunity for the children to buy a signed book and get it dedicated to them.

My events aren’t limited to small groups and easily scale up to 300 in a school hall (more in a festival space).

Preferred age range: 3-7 for picture book events.
If you’d like me to work with older children or adults please email to discuss your requirements.
Maximum number in any one session: No upper limit, I’m used to working with upwards of 300 children in a school hall.
No of sessions per day: Maximum 3 – these are high energy interactive events! Preferably 1 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon
Session Length: 1hour plus book signing
Areas prepared to travel to: I’ll consider anywhere if overnight and travel expenses are paid
Transport Train where practical.
If driving - 35 pence per mile.
Fees: Please email us for details, indicating who you are enquiring about
PLI (Public Liability Insurance)Yes
Website: Chloe Inkpen's website
Chloe Inkpen's Facebook page
Titles include:Fred

I Will Love You Anyway
ISBN: 978-1444924572

Zoe and Beans: Pirate Treasure!
ISBN: 978-1447243274

Zoe and Beans: Hello Oscar!
ISBN: 978-1447210269

Zoe and Beans: Pants on the Moon!
ISBN: 978-0330518413

Zoe and Beans: The Magic Hoop!
ISBN: 978-0330518406

Zoe and Beans: Where is Binky Boo?
ISBN: 978-0330518390

All books can be previewed at

Testimonials:“Chloe Inkpen is not only a brilliant author and illustrator but is also an amazing presenter. There is a buzz in the room as she interacts and motivates the children to enjoy the stories and characters she creates. An absolute must for your KS1 pupils.
My schools that we visited today said she was the best author they have ever had!! Don’t miss out!”

Jeanette Kemp, RBWM Libraries, Windsor and Maidenhead

“An absolutely brilliant session! One of the most engaging visitors we’ve ever had – our children were hooked for the whole hour”
Galleywood Infant School, Chelmsford

“I’ve never seen such a large group of children so mesmerised and absorbed in a story! It was brilliant. Chloe delivered a fantastic Zoe and Beans workshop for us as part of our 50th Birthday Celebrations at the University of Essex. Chloe had the instant attention of the children as she told her stories and got them taking part in Zoe and Beans’ adventures.
The session changed pace seamlessly from settled storytelling to high energy action - the children loved doing all the actions and were totally immersed in the story. The parents loved it too & we received a great deal of positive feedback. Working with Chloe from the planning to the delivery was an absolute pleasure. She is highly efficient and very professional. It was a real privilege to work with her.”
Kate Beckwith, Arts Education Outreach Officer, University of Essex

“The kids were so enthusiastic and engaged and staff said they couldn't remember a time we had had such a brilliant visitor in.”
Liz Eggleton, East – The –Water –Community Primary School, North Devon

“We met author and illustrator Chloe Inkpen during a promotional tour of her latest book, when we saw her entertaining a group of over one-hundred young children, smiling from beginning to end of her presentation to the enthralled young audience. Asking her to hold a series of workshops in our school was a no-brainer! She is a fountain of inspiration, good humour, energy and enthusiasm, an excellent storyteller and gifted illustrator.
Again Chloe held the audience spellbound and the time in her company just whizzed past. She ably adapted her presentation to the various age groups attending the workshops, offering dynamic and fun storytelling to the younger groups as well as great insights into drawing and creative writing to the older ones. In fact, her visit led to successful writing and illustrating projects. Working with Chloe was a delight and I would happily book her again.”
Laura Brill, Librarian ,The Pilgrims’ School , Winchester

“Chloe came to visit our school and did two presentations. She worked with reception and Year 1, and then Years 2 and 3. She is an AMAZING storyteller and had the children ENTRANCED! They thoroughly enjoyed her visit and produced some WONDERFUL artwork too. We then used their 'ping-pong pets' to stimulate describing a character in English, which really gave a focus for their writing. A HUGE thank you for a magical event!”
Ursula Channing,Orwell Park School, Ipswich

“I got stopped by a mum who said she’d been coming to the Lit Fest for years and Chloe’s event was the best children’s event she’d ever been to.”
Harriet Reed, Events Director, Henley Literary Festival

“Smiling, bubbly and a real bundle of energy, Chloe had our children in the palm of her hand with her hugely diverting talk complete with hand actions, drawings and interesting noises...! Her enthusiasm for her stories is very infectious - great fun!”
Ali Richardson,Library Manager , Stanmore Primary School , Winchester

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