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Jeff NortonAuthor , Producer for TV (currently executive producer of pre-school animation Trucktown)
NortonMulti-media presentation for KS2 (Yr 5-6) and KS3 (Yr7-8)
World-building workshop for KS3.

Preferred age range: 9-13
Maximum number in any one session: I’m very comfortable speaking to large groups.
No of sessions per day: 3 maximum; ideally 2x before lunch, 1 x after lunch.
Session Length: 1 hour talk including Q&A, followed by book signing
Areas prepared to travel to: Anywhere if overnight and travel expenses are all met in addition to fee. I live in London
Transport Typically train. Car at 40 p per mile to/from home.
Fees: Please email us for details
Please indicate which author you are interested in
CRB/PLI:Holds PLI via SoA provider
Website:Jeff Norton website

Titles include:METAWARS series (Orchard Books)

Book 1: Fight For The Future
Book 2: The Dead Are Rising
Book 3: Battle of the Immortal
Book 4: The Freedom Frontier


Testimonials:“Both students and teachers loved it. From the teachers who were there, they shared that they loved how you spoke about determination and perseverance, and how you touched on the writing process and how the first copy does not have to be perfect. The students loved your enthusiasm and loved hearing about the characters. It’s been in great demand since your presentation!”
Meghan Grzelo, Librarian at John T. Tuck School, Burlington, Canada

“Jeff is a superb speaker. The children were totally immersed in the world of Metawars and virtual technology. I have seen him twice now and he just gets better! The children love his work. Hugely inspiring.”
Simon Hall, University College School, London

“Jeff came to visit Isambard to kick start our World Book Week celebrations. He enthralled our year 7 and 8 students with his tales of technology within the world of Metawars. His personable style endeared him to all. The library was a buzz at lunchtime with students keen to ask more about him and the books are flying off the shelves. We would love to have him back again.”
Stella Rogers, Learning Resources Centre Manager, Isambard School, Swindon, UK

Published work:Jeff Norton Amazon site
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