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Kaye UmanskyI talk about writing, give noisy readings, do interactive stuff with younger children and leave space for question and answers.

I am big, enthusiastic and noisy! I occasionally play badly on guitar. I sing too. The children join in. It’s quite jolly.
Preferred age range: 3-6 year olds, 7-11 year olds
Maximum number in any one session: As many as you care to hurl at me!
No of sessions per day: Maximum of 3 – but 2 is wonderful!
Session Length: 45 minutes for infants, 60 minutes for juniors, plus time for signing afterwards
Areas prepared to travel to: I'm based in London but will travel anywhere if travel and overnight expenses are met
Transport Prefer to use the train
Fees: Please email us for details
Hold PII (professional indemnity insurance): No
Website: Kaye Umansky website
Titles include:Pongwiffy series (Bloomsbury)
Crash ‘N’ Bang (Bloomsbury)
Clover Twig and the Incredible Flying Cottage (Bloomsbury)
Clover Twig and the Perilous Path (Bloomsbury)
The Stepsister’s Story (Barrington Stoke)
I am a Tree (Black)
I live in a Madhouse (Black)
Three Singing Pigs (Black- music book)
Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars, Here come the Dinosaurs (Puffin)
Yo Ho Ho, A-Pirating We Go! (Puffin)
Dodo Doo-doo (Hodder)

Latest titles: The Thirteenth Fairy (2014)
The Dreadful Dragon - Bloomsbury (pub October 2012)
The Night I was Chased by a Vampire (Orion, pub.October 2012)

9 new titles published in 2013
Testimonials:“The best we’ve had yet. We’re still buzzing. Not only was she better value than the Pope, she was very, very beautiful and a joy to have around”

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