Sian Pattenden

Siân PattendenAuthor and Illustrator
Sian PattendenFor writing: usually a workshop, inventing character, situation and a scene - plus a chapter reading and Q&A.
For illustration inventing character types (superheroes, villains, mythical animals etc.)
Preferred age range: 7-11 year olds
Maximum number in any one session: 30 in a workshop – and I have done one school's whole KS2 before for a talk!
No of sessions per day: Three max, two in the morning, one in afternoon works best but I can be flexible.
Session Length: 60 mins max workshop plus signing time.
Areas prepared to travel to: Anywhere if expenses met. I am London based.
Transport Train for longer distances.
Fees: Please email us for details
Website: Sian Pattenden website
Agatha Bilke website
The Peppers website
Titles include:The Awful Tale of Agatha Bilke
Operation Ward Ten
Paris Match (same series, Short Books)
The Peppers and the International Magic Guys
The Peppers and the Island of Invention
The Peppers and the Great Vanishing Act (HarperCollins Kids).
Testimonials:“[Sian's workshop is] …highly recommended to get them on the literary bandwagon, and a great outlet for those creative energies.” The Guardian Guide
Published work:Sian Pattenden's Amazon site
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