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Timothy KnapmanTalks and readings
Preferred age range: KS1 & KS2 - preferably 5 - 9 year olds
Maximum number in any one session: 100 preferably, but I’ve spoken to bigger groups.
No of sessions per day: Maximum 3 sessions, preferably 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon

Session Length: For Reception: 45 minutes; for older children: 1 hour
Areas prepared to travel to: London and the South East preferably; anywhere if overnight expenses are met.
Transport Train and taxi
Fees: Please email us for details
Website: Timothy Knapman's website
Titles include:Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates;
Mungo and the Spiders From Space;
Mungo and the Dinosaur Island;
Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood;
Dinosaurs in the Supermarket;
Dinosaurs in my School;
Eleanor’s Eyebrows;
All Aboard The Dinosaur Express;
A Monster’s Moved In;
Time Now To Dream;
Sir Dancealot;
Mighty Small;
My Uncle Foulpest:
Dinosaur Disaster & Teacher Trouble

Testimonials:“This is Mungo. His favourite book is called The Seafaring Adventures of Captain Horatio Fleet,” reads Timothy Knapman to a hall full of captive children who could eagerly have stated “This is Timothy Knapman, the author of the Mungo books we love to read.”
And so started a wonderful author visit in one of our schools in Tower Hamlets, a visit I was lucky enough to sit in on (having supported one of the year groups, in my role as English advisor, who just happened to be using ‘Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates’ as their inspirational text).
It was a pleasure to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they met a ‘real-life’ author, not only getting the chance to hear him read some of his stories, but also to be able to ask questions, a lot of questions. Questions Timothy answered with enthusiasm, humour and patience (the range of questions were both wide and varied). Timothy also provided the children with an insight into his creative writing process, stories he enjoys and working with illustrators.
He took time to celebrate the authorial achievements of the children who were keen to share their writing inspired by his books. Receiving his autograph on the front cover of their instruction manual for Purple Berserker birds, along with a special message, was more than they could have hoped for. One child stated after the visit, ‘Timothy Knapman, the author, read my writing, my writing!’
Timothy’s books continue to inspire both in this school and across many of our schools in Tower Hamlets. His author visit brought joy to those children and provided a ‘real’ experience to celebrate the joy of reading. I very happily recommend Timothy for more of the above.
Nicole Gurvidi, School Improvement Officer, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Published work:Timothy Knapman's Amazon site

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