What Authors Aloud UK offers busy teachers and librarians

We know teachers and librarians are busy so we can provide as much help and advice is as necessary to make the day enjoyable and a positive learning experience for all.

As well as advice on which author might work best in any given situation, we will provide an information pack on your chosen author or illustrator which will contain some, or all of the items below, depending on the speaker:

  • a biography
  • a list of published titles
  • suggested activities to do ahead of the visit
  • suggestions of follow up work
  • guidelines for getting the most out of the day

We can also provide you with letter templates to send home informing parents of the visit, mentioning how it will support the teaching of literacy and suggesting that their child might like to buy a book at the end of the talk and get it dedicated to them by the author.

We will make any necessary travel arrangements for the author and we can assist in making sure books are available for sale on the day. This leaves you free to just look after the author on the day and enjoy watching the stimulating effect the visit has on the students.

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