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Sam Copeland’s CHARLIE TURNS INTO A CHICKEN was a huge success along with its two sequels. His most recent book is UMA AND THE ANSWER TO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING – about artificial intelligence, friendship and the occasional evil inventor. It is packed with Sam’s trademark humour but also weird and wonderful facts that will entertain and intrigue.

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Join Waterstones’ prize shortlisted and bestselling children’s author Sam Copeland as he introduces his new novel – Uma and the Answer to Absolutely Everything – in a hilarious and engaging event about questions, knowledge and the limits of the internet.

Hear all about Uma Gnudersonn and her adventures with best friend Alan Alan, including encounters with evil inventors, all knowing AI technology and several drunk alpacas. Then, test your knowledge with a hilarious true or false quiz filled with weird and wonderful facts that can be found online.

The event will be full of laughs and silliness, while also encouraging children to explore the questions that can’t be answered by Google and Alexa – those which they must find answers to themselves. The assembly will be all about questions and what google can tell us, and what is true and what is not, and what google CAN’T tell us.

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