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Tony De Saulles |Author, Illustrator

Tony de Saulles is the illustrator of the award-winning HORRIBLE SCIENCE books and his recently published BEE BOY books.    He will have everyone drawing along with him during his online sessions – as well as learning facts and information as they do it.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

I chat about my books and working as an author/illustrator. I do readings and draw with the children. They copy as we build simple drawings line by line and have a laugh learning about what we are illustrating — maybe a dinosaur, the lifecycle of an insect, life in a beehive, the ‘disgusting digestive system’ etc* It is a fun session and accessible for children of all abilities.

I can also make pre-recorded workshop videos. Requests can be made from my menu of drawings (click below). Depending on the drawings selected allow for approximately: 2 drawings = half an hour 3 drawings = 45 minutes 4 drawings = 1 hour. The opening title page of the video can be personalised for the school or class it is being presented to.

*A menu of the drawings I offer is available below:

Examples of my online work

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