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Andrew Weale | Award-winning author and poet

Andrew Weale is an award-winning author and poet.   He is also an actor and performer so his virtual sessions are very visual and interactive.   His books ONE NEWT IN A SUIT and NORA, THE GIRL WHO ATE AND ATE are terrific fun for young children and Andrew’s sessions are a wonderful way of encouraging an early love of reading.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

My sessions with Nursery and YR/1/2 are very visual and interactive. All my books are on PowerPoint and I present them with all of my skills as an actor. I am also fluent in Zoom and MS Teams and a trained teacher, so I am used to handling groups.

Highlights of my sessions include:

  • Guessing game
  • Memory game
  • Rhyming activity
  • Creativity exercises
  • Poetry writing activities
  • Interactive poetry performance
  • Films of my books
  • Short Q&A
  • Some fun facts about my life

Y3 and above:

  • Writing activities
  • How to create a great picture book
  • Where story ideas come from
  • Q&A

Examples of my online work

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