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Barbara Mitchelhill is the author of historical fiction like RUN RABBIT, RUN, SECRET SUFFRAGETTE, and BILLY’S BLITZ which are perfect for 9-13 year olds. She also writes for the 7-12 age group with titles like BILLY AND THE STRIPED HORROR, UNDER COVER and FOOTBALL FORGERY.

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With a virtual presentation, the audience would see where I work – even with the dog present! I think most people love seeing into other’s homes and finding out how they go about their work It’s quite an intimate experience. When it comes to Q&A virtual presentations are excellent. Every viewer can hear and see beautifully. Sometimes, if you’re on the back row of a big hall, this isn’t always true.

There is usually a presenter present who will have the list of questions the audience have chosen and the presenter will read out the questions with the name of the person who has asked it. It all good fun!

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