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Chris Vick | Author  (books 10+ and YA)

Chris Vick works with pupils aged 11+ to encourage them to write their own stories.   His workshops are practical, interactive and fun and can be booked over a period of weeks, so that students can work on an extended piece of writing, as well as single day bookings.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

I do author visits, talking about my books and the writing process. However, I’m more interested in talking to young writers about their work; about how we can create and tell stories as clearly and effectively as possible.  I also offer workshop ‘series’; spread out over weeks, to help young writers develop particular projects.

Typical workshop themes:

  • What is a story? – what makes a story, why do we tell them?
  • ‘Once there was a —- who —’ : Creating story structure and frames
  • ‘Splashes of colour on a page’ – Being creative with words

All workshops are practical interactive, fun and for all kinds of writers

Examples of my online work

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