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Christopher Edge is the award-winning author of, amongst others, THE MANY WORLDS OF ALBIE BRIGHT, THE JAMIE DRAKE EQUATION, THE INFINITE LIVES OF MAISIE DAY, and THE LONGEST NIGHT OF CHARLIE NOON.    Many of Christopher’s books combine scientific ideas and principles with compelling plots and truly remarkable storytelling.

He is also the author of the bestselling HOW TO WRITE YOUR BEST STORY EVER!  And HOW TO BE A #YOUNG WRITER which are guides to creative writing for children and teenagers.   Christopher is hugely experienced at running creative writing workshops for both children and adults.

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I offer a choice of virtual visits for schools, ranging from author talks (with Q&As) which include quizzes, props, fun facts, arresting visuals, and even demonstrations of some of the real-life science behind the stories, to creative writing workshops drawing on my bestselling creative writing guides, How To Write Your Best Story Ever! and How To Be A Young #Writer, which are designed to help students beat the fear of the blank page and develop the skills they need to write page-turning stories. Author talks can be focused on a specific book or cover a range of titles and all virtual visits can be tailored to your schools’ specific needs.

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