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Award winning Latin American author and illustrator Elena Arevalo Melville is happy to welcome you and your class into her working studio to share some creative skills and explore some of the books and objects that inspire her everyday practice.

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From picture book writing (with both pictures and text) to illustrating and designing maps,  logos and posters, play is at the centre of Elena’s work. Children will be inspired and observe that there are multiple ways of thinking and solving creative briefs.  Books and ideas go through many forms before publication. We write and draw to figure out how we think and how we see.

Children will be able to see some early drafts, dummies and doodles. Some may even be part of future books.  After a short reading, children will operate The-Unblocking-Mighty-Machine to write a short story made up of parts from objects found in Elena’s studio. This will involve making connections and live drawing.

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