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Fleur Hitchcock | Children’s Author

Fleur Hitchcock writes adventure and thriller stories for children in KS2 and above and her talks and workshops are based around this theme.  In her online sessions she’ll incorporate slides, read excerpts and explain her techniques for building excitement and tension.   Fleur’s books include SAVING SOPHIA, MURDER AT TWILGIHT and DEAR SCARLETT.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

  • Workshops: yrs 4- 7: I can set an activity, present it, (send it to teachers in advance) and then return to listen to the children’s work a little later.
  • Presentations: yrs 4 – 7: I can do an adapted slideshow, but less interactive and answer questions which I need in advance. The screen will show my slideshow with me in the corner!
  • Or – I can upload a talk to Youtube which can be accessed by anyone who has the link – (children from home – different classes) again answering your questions that I would have had in advance.

I also have bookplates so can work with a local bookshop to dedicate books to children so that they get more out of the visit.

Examples of my online work

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