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Garry Parsons | Illustrator

Garry Parsons is an illustrator who has worked with authors  like Gareth P Jones, Josh Lacey and is perhaps best known for his collaboration with Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher and their DINOSAUR series.  His drawing workshops will encourage children to have confidence in their own artistic ability as they draw along with him.

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What I can do for you

Garry Parsons offers drawing workshops which briefly outline the process of illustrating for publication from intial character sketches through to final artwork, delivered in a fun and interactive way, with plenty of drawing, live from his studio. The children will have the opportunity to make their own drawings either from their imagination or based upon a theme. Garry has many popular books that are familiar to children across all primary ages from which to discuss and take inspiration from.

Garry has had great success in sparking the story telling process by starting the children off with a simple line and encouraging their imagination to develop into a narrative through drawing and discussion. Garry would like to offer a follow-up contact with the school whereby we can share any development of stories and illustrations that are continued after the session during class time, either by email, post or a short virtual discussion.

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