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Harriet Goodwin works with KS2, KS3 and KS4 pupils and can provide presentations and/or writing workshops.  Her novel, THE BOY WHO FELL DOWN EXIT 43 is hugely popular with children and her later titles include her HEX FACTOR books and GRAVENHUNGER.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you


  • Presentations/talks/readings
  • Creative writing workshops
    • a) nuts-and-bolts workshop (key storytelling elements, openings and show-not-tell). Emailed worksheet of show-not-tell exercises for students to complete.
    • b) workshop on character, to include an emailed character questionnaire.
    • c) workshop on story structure
  • Set tasks, followed by emailed feedback on students’ work

TECHNOLOGY-FREE ALTERNATIVE (for schools with extreme safeguarding issues and/or where issues with technology exist)

  • I send staff a sheet containing clear tips and advice on creative writing (eg show-not-tell; building characters; idea-generation; story openings etc) and a guided task for students to complete (usually in the form of a 200-500 word story-opener)
  • Students complete task
  • I am sent their work by email and follow-up with one-to-one mini-critiques

I can deliver presentations, talks and readings to students of all ages, and creative writing workshops to students from Year 3 through to GCSE level and beyond. I am experienced at working with students preparing for the creative writing component of their English Language GCSE exam.

Examples of my online work

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