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Helen Dennis writes for KS2 & KS3 students and her thrilling RIVER OF INK and SECRET BREAKERS books have been hugely popular.   Her talks and workshops will involve the use of props, slides and excerpts from her books and she has a range of workshops that she can offer, or she can tailor make a session to suit particular needs.

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What I can do for you

All session can be adapted for ages 7 up to 16

  • Author Talk and Q and A – Designed to encourage creativity, curiosity and perseverance, not just as a way of encouraging reading. Can be tailored to fit alongside school programmes or to focus on particular themes if required.
  • Creative Writing Workshop – Session using writing prompts to stimulate writing. (Can be tailored to fit school programme needs and specific genres.)
  • Code Cracking Workshop – Session tapping into codes and symbols used in ‘Secret Breakers’ and ‘River of Ink’ books. Designed to encourage all sorts of code-breaking and reading of hidden symbols.

Examples of my online work

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