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John Byrne | Cartoonist and Comedy Writer

John Byrne is an author and illustrator whose interactive cartoon workshops work brilliantly with all age groups.   He encourages everyone to discover that they really can draw and his sessions always involve a lot of humour, as well as drawing techniques.

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What I can do for you

John is an ex-Nickelodeon presenter and stand up comedian who offers a unique live online cartoon session that works for all ages, and all levels of drawing ability. John leads the students through a fun step by step process which culminates in them being able to create their own cartoon character from scratch. For older students a Q&A on making a career as a cartoonist/animator can also be hosted.

Follow up information and tip sheets can be emailed to school to distribute to interested students. John is also an experienced SEN teacher and can adapt sessions to suit specific needs.

Examples of my online work

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