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Korky Paul | Illustrator

Amongst the many books that Korky Paul has written or illustrated is the WINNIE THE WITCH series which has been phenomenally successful both in the UK and overseas.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

The first 15-20 minutes

kOrky reads and act out one of his books with the aid of digital slides.

The second 15-30 minutes

Known only to himself as the worlds greatest Portrait Painter.
kOrky draws and paints pictures using watercolours of Winnie & Wilbur , or with audiences’ imagination draws Winniekins with lots of audience participation. (Winniekins re the cretures lurking in the background of the Winnie and Wilbur books.)
kOrky tries to draw a picture for each class/session…which he dedicates and signs.

These kOrky will send in the post to the school. Emphasis through out is the use of your imagination.

Examples of my online work

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