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Laura Mucha | Poet, Author & Performer

Laura Mucha is a poet, author and performer who works with children and young people of all ages. As well as her poems being widely published on TV, radio and public transport, as well as hospitals, hospices and prisons, Laura’s poetry collections, DEAR UGLY SISTERS and BEING ME are published by Otter-Barry books and aimed at the 6+ age group. Laura’s non-fiction book, LOVE FACTUALLY / WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT LOVE works well for KS4 students as well as adult audiences as it explores love by combining academic research with interviews conducted with hundreds of strangers across 40 countries.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

I think 90 minutes online is a great length for KS2 if the aim is to cowrite, edit and perform a poem. I would need teachers present to help with discipline where necessary as that can be hard to manage remotely with a class I’m not familiar with.

I am also happy working with larger groups, e.g. I have run 2-2.5 hour workshops with KS1 and KS2, with KS1 attending for the first hour and older KS2 students staying to edit and perform the poem.

When dealing with larger numbers (e.g. 35+ students), I need support collating the ideas and words that students generate. I have previously done this with a teaching assistant collating ideas and moving to a Google Document for the first part of the session.

Examples of my online work


“For World Book Day this year, we invited Laura to run a number of virtual sessions with our children, at Lanercost C of E Primary School, throughout the day. Each session was tailored towards the age of the children and activities were carefully selected. The sessions were brilliant- engaging, energetic and exciting! The children crafted poems, listened to poetry and stories and took an active role in the editing process! We would love to work with Laura again in the future both virtually or in  person!”

Sian Kellock, Lanercost C of E Primary School

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