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Laurel Remington is the Times/Chicken House award-winning author of The Secret Cooking Club and two further novels. Her online sessions are perfect for 7-12 year olds and involve a lot of props and visual elements as she uses the analogy of baking a cake to illuminate the stages of creating a story.

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Laurel’s “The Secret Cooking Club” event combines a love of cooking with creative writing, teaching students how to build their own stories through the analogy of baking a cake (‘the ingredients of a story’).

There are lots of visual elements to Laurel’s event, as she covers top tips for topic writing, and explores character journeys and creating and solving problems in a story. She also has a presentation based on “The Polka Dot Shop” helping students to “design a story”.

She is passionate about sharing her journey to become an author, including learning ‘how to fail’ and developing resilience and true grit.

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