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Paul Dowswell is an award-winning author of historical fiction for children and teenagers.   ELEVEN ELEVEN, SEKTION 20 and AUSLANDER are just a few of the books that he’s written.   His online writing workshops are informative and packed with practical advice to help encourage students to enjoy writing.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

Along with writing workshops, I give talks on the following books:

  • The Great Revolt – The Peasants’ Revolt and the Medieval World For age 11 and upward
  • Wolf Children – Orphans fight to survive in the ruins of post-war Berlin For age 11 and upward
  • Auslander – ‘Your child belongs to us…’ Growing up in Nazi Germany For age 12 to adult
  • Eleven Eleven – Boy soldiers and the First World War For age 11 to 16
  • Bomber – The air war over occupied Europe For ages 11 upward
  • Sektion 20 – A Cold War thriller about teenagers in East Berlin For age 12 to adult
  • Red Shadow – Life for teenagers in Stalin’s Russia For age 12 to adult
  • Powder Monkey – A boy’s life in Nelson’s Navy For age 9 to 12/13
  • Blood, Sweat and Tears – Where writers get their ideas For age 11 to adult
  • Wave – A Barrington Stoke novella on the first day of the Battle of the Somme For age 11+

Workshops for 10 pupils include one half our session plus half hour follow up feedback on work completed.

Examples of my online work

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