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Penny Chrimes is the author of The Dragon and Her Boy and Tiger Heart both part of a series set in Victorian London perfect for students in KS2.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

  • Intro about me and why I love books/stories
  • Where I get inspiration – eg walks round City of London.
  • Section on historical context of characters – images of children’s lives/jobs they did eg mudlarks, chimney sweeps etc
  • Section on use of language – how I use historical slang to make characters’ language vivid.
  • Writing task – eg dialogue between animal/child; empathy exercise … how would it feel …
  • Reading from book (s)
  • Quiz about language – guessing what slang used by characters might mean.
  • Empathy – role playing ‘how would it feel to be that tiger/dragon/Fly/Stick ..

Examples of my online work

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