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Ross Montgomery writes books for a wide age range.   He’s written picture books, like SPACE TORTOISE, chapter books like the FINNEY ISLAND series, and books for KS2 aged students like PERIJEE AND ME, THE MIDNIGHT GUARDIANS and  ROCK BOTTOM.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

  • I write books for all ages: picture books for ages 3+, chapter books for ages 5-8, and novels for ages 8+.
  • For EYFS and KS1, I can offer a 30min virtual storytime session with an animated slideshow.
  • For KS2, I can offer a 30-40min talk about one of my books: a presentation about the story and the inspiration behind it, followed by a reading and Q&A. I’m happy to adapt this to suit your class!

For KS2, I can also finish my session by setting them up with a creative activity to continue in class.

Examples of my online work

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