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Steve Cole has written a host of books for children, among them the ASTROSAURS series, and COWS IN ACTION which are perfect for pupils in Years 3 & 4.   His YOUNG BOND books for for older children have been hugely popular.  

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What I can do for you

Steve provides a fun, lively overview of how to go about ‘chucking imagination at words’ – or in other words, telling stories

He can provide creative writing masterclasses on ‘How to evolve a sentence’, ‘How to invent characters’, ‘How not to rush an ending’, ‘What happens next?’ and many more

“Thank you so much for your energetic and informative (virtual) talks this morning! Your presentation was superb and clear in a completely unusual format. I imagine it was difficult for you to see and certainly to hear, but our Year 7s were engaged, attentive and laughing in all the right places. Walking along the corridor on the way back from the hall, I have been stopped by staff gushing about how fab it was.”

Librarian, Meole Brace School, Shropshire

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