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Sylvia Bishop is the author of a range of books suitable for children spanning Years 2-6. THE BOOKSHOP GIRL, THE SECRET OF THE NIGHT TRAIN, TROUBLE IN NEW YORK and 44 TINY SECRETS are just a few of her titles.

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The Ultimate Story Question (Suitable for years 2 – 6)
In this workshop, I demonstrate the power of the question ‘So what?’ for building rich, original story ideas. By beginning with a single idea and exploring the question ‘So what?’, reluctant writers will find it easier to produce ideas, while the approach also encourages coherence for students whose ideas tend to the zany or meandering.

As a class, we will create a setting, a hero and the key points of a plot, which I will write up live on screen. After each element has been completed as a group, students will try the exercises themselves verbally in pairs, or solo on paper, depending on the classroom platform used.

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