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Teresa Heapy writes picture books like VERY LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, THE MARVELLOUS MOON MAP and LOVED TO BITS.  Teresa is brilliant at engaging very young children online as she uses a lot of props and visual clues to help tell the stories.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

Please let me know which of my books/series you’d like me to focus on!

I’ll start by introducing myself and the books, and go on to read a couple of titles.

For the Very Littles, I can sing a song with puppets for the youngest children.

I’ll then answer questions from the children – I love doing this!

For a 30 minute session, I’d leave the children with an activity to do – making up a character or story. I’d also share my notebook, to show them I don’t always get things right first time.

For a 60 minute session, the children would take 10 minutes to do their activity, and then come back for selected children to share their story/character with me and everyone; then we’d wrap up with another story.

Examples of my online work

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