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William Hussey writes fiction for the 11+ age group.   His virtual sessions focus on Gothic Literature, his WITCHFINDER series, and on the hugely successful “What If” writing workshops that he has developed over many years.  William’s books include JEKYLL’S MIRROR, HAUNTED, The WITCHFINDER series and for YA readers, HIDEOUS BEAUTY.

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  • The Witchfinder Event: a fun and interactive session recreating a genuine 17th Century witch trial. As well as being an informative and thrilling historical recreation, this shows children the importance of research in building their stories. Includes a dramatic reading including the infamous ‘Jump!’ moment.
  • The History of Horror: a thorough exploration of Gothic literature, from its origins to core texts like Jekyll & Hyde, Frankenstein and Dracula. Key social, scientific and historical influences are explored. The session is adaptable as an introductory workshop for Year 9s and up and as invaluable preparation for GCSE and A Level students.
  • The ‘What If?’ writing workshop: an engaging session designed to help students develop layered characters and dynamic plotlines for their stories. Techniques will be explored to ensure young writers can overcome writer’s block and complete thrilling narratives

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