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Faye Bird | Author

Faye Bird is the author of MY SECOND LIFE, MY SECRET LIES WITH YOU and WHAT I COUDN’T TELL YOU all suitable for older secondary aged students.    She can offer a variety of live or pre-recorded sessions talking about her books and themes contained in them as well as offering workshops on specific aspects of story writing.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

Author Talk: Video, 30’

  • An introduction to me and my books.
  • A discussion of key themes.
  • Pause points for class discussion/activity.
  • A short, timed writing challenge to finish.

Workshops: Live/On Line

  • Author Workshop 1: Story ideas through Character
  • Author Workshop 2: Story ideas through objects
  • Author Workshop 3: GCSE Year 10/11: Story ideas through images.

Meet The Author: Live/On Line

  • Introduction, Readings, Themes, Q&A.
  • Alternatively, this could be a follow on session from the Recorded Visit to share writing and open up discussion through a Q&A.

Examples of my online work

  • Find out more about a visit from Authors Online Faye Bird

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