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Ifeoma Onyefulu | Author

Ifeoma Onyefulu is a photographer and author who works with primary aged pupils to encourage their writing skills with her online writing workshops.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

My aim is for children to be able to enjoy my sessions and to be able to write without fear.

  • I usually start by telling a story or reading one of my books and encouraging the children to use their words to end the story
  • However, if they’re very little, Year 1 for example I’d encourage them to do some drawings about the story, remembering the stories through drawings, are ways they can tell their stories.
  • I usually bring with me my drafts, for them to see my mistakes, I struggle too, especially in the beginning. I like to show that writing can take a while and finally I show them the published story

Examples of my online work

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