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Louie Stowell | Author

The Dragon in the Library and The Monster In the Lake are Louie Stowell’s first two novels but she started her writing career in non-fiction, writing books about space, insects, Ancient Egypt, coding and comics. She loves working with KS2 pupils and her sessions are full of energy and interaction.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

I offer a range of talks and workshops.

Topics include where I get my ideas, my favourite writers and books, why mistakes are brilliant and part of the creative process, how to write a story, how to create magical worlds.

Where the tech allows, I can do an interactive story making or a drawing workshop, with suggestions sent via the teacher or in the comments. Otherwise I can do a workshop that doesn’t require input from the kids, taking them through the process of creating a character, a world, a magical library or a story.

Examples of my online work

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