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Rachael Mortimer | Author of Children’s Books

Rachael Mortimer loves working with 3-9 year old children and her books like THREE BILLY GOATS FLUFF, SONG FOR A PRINCESS and SNORING BEAUTY are partly inspired by  her own daughters.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

My stories and puppets are perfectly suited to virtual visits. I can offer readings with puppets for:

  • Red Riding Hood and the Sweet Little Wolf (I have a Sweet Little Wolf Puppet complete with dressing up clothes – she dresses in Granny’s clothes in the story)
  • The Three Billy Goats Fluff (I have three Marionette Goat puppets who trip trap over the bridge. I demonstrate the cleverness of the plot getting the children to listen to the goats with and without their fluffy boots on)
  • Snoring Beauty (I have a beautiful Snoring Princess puppet with sound effects to demonstrate the unladylike noise she makes! )
  • Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk (I use a bag of jellybeans encouraging children to come up with all kinds of weird and wonderful flavours)
  • Song for a Princess (This is about a bird who collects words on the breeze and uses them like treasures to cheer up a sad Princess. I have a treasure chest of words which the children can choose to create their own songs and poems.)
  • Sammy’s Surprise Deliveries. (I have a Sammy Stork puppet and lots of baby animal toys to accompany this story about a Stork who delivers the wrong baby animals. This is a flap book so the children enjoy guessing which animal he has wrongly delivered each time.

For shorter sessions I can simply read the stories, introduce the children to the puppets and answer a few questions.

For older children and longer sessions I can add to the above – talk about fractured fairy tales and (with materials that I can supply by email) set up postcard and/ or Newspaper writing workshops.

I’m also happy to talk more generally to the children about writing/being an author.

Examples of my online work

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