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Zehra Hicks | Author, Illustrator

Zehra Hicks is an author and illustrator of picture books like PUB HUG, THE PROBLEM WITH PROBLEMS and GIRAFFE AND FROG.  Her virtual sessions can include a variety of drawing activities for young children that they can do along with her.

Online Introduction

What I can do for you

I would start with an inspirational talk about being an author and an illustrator and where we get ideas from:

  • My talk would include photos, first sketches and rough mini books showing how much work goes into a published book – even authors and illustrators need to check, re-write, and re-draw their work!
  • I would then read one of my books followed by some fun live drawings that champion and demonstrate my strong belief that there is no such thing as ‘a rubbish drawing’ and to encourage self-belief in EVERY child’s drawing ability.
  • Ending with some Q&A.

For 60 mins sessions I would do all of the above plus a class drawing activity based on one of my books:

  • For ‘Pug Hug’, we can focus on story making though drawing by drawing a Pug Hug book cover (draw-along session) with time to develop their own story based on the Pug Hug story pattern.

For ‘The Problem With Problems’ we can do a character workshop – creating a Problem creature together (me drawing directed by them) with time for them to use the same process to make their own Problem character, brainstorming a fear, a vice, a passion and a problem etc.

Examples of my online work

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