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Sufiya Ahmed can offer virtual author talks for students in Years 5-10.  Her book about the thrilling life of WWII heroine and Churchill’s spy, Noor Inayat Khan is perfect for Years 5, 6 & 7.   For older students, Sufiya can talk about SECRETS OF THE HENNA GIRL and about the route she took to becoming a full time author.

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What I can do for you

For years 5,6,7.

An author talk on WWII heroine and Churchill’s Spy Noor Inayat Khan.

Sufiya will begin by mentioning her life as an author, previously working in the Houses of Parliament and an introduction to Noor ‘s story. Includes Q&A. (A fun activity sheet will be supplied after for pupils to learn how to be a spy by decoding messages using Morse Code).

For years 7,8,9,10

  1. Slide show and speech to communicate my childhood dream to become a writer, my previous career in the Houses of Parliament and the journey to becoming a full time author.
  2. Reading from a chapter.
  3. Short discussion points on the book’s issue which is forced marriages in the UK.
  4. Question and Answer session.

Participating pupils will learn the following:

  1. To never give up on dreams and to make them come true through hard work and determination. This also covers the challenges faced by aspiring authors in the competitive publishing world, and how to overcome them.

  2. A better understanding of the challenges of forced marriages in the UK and the breach of human rights of victims (this ties in very well with the PSHE & Citizen curriculum which covers marriage and human rights).
  3. A basic understanding of how Parliament operates as I describe how my work in the House of Commons inspired me to write a book on a topical issue which regularly features in the media and political discussions.

Creative writing workshops for all year groups.

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